Monday, September 18, 2023

2023 Official Selections

 The following have been selected for inclusion in the 2023 Magic of Horror festival!


A Normal Life by Katy Grossman

A Whisper At The Door by Steve James and Ken Moretti

Clayton by Vincent Charles Vilardi

Eternal Light by Nathaniel Henry

Fear Incarnate by Dylan Coburn

Feral Cravings by Pete Jacelone

Firebrand by Rhett Bradbury

Fleeced by Samuel Van Fossen

For Sale by Christopher Schrack

Good Times / Bad Times by Laura Medeiros

Greed & Gore by Adam Kirkly

Noman by Matt Robb

Present by Gavin T. Briggs

Red. Yellow. Shadow. by Hunter Brockmann

Rock Inn by Fon Davis

The Detachment by Lee Daehan

The Eucharist by Walter Bender

The Hidden Album by Chris Abaya

The Horror at Holly Oaks by Chris Barcia

The Peeper by Sergiy Pudich

The Signal: Case #CE2-09031996-252 by Raymond Wallace

The Spoiled by James Morley, III

Wisteria by Adam Lapallo


As Scared as You by Jesse Dorian

Garden of Delight by Paul Grammatico

Just A Bit Of Digging by Billy Rex McAfee

Misfortune Cookies by Don Stroud

Moriturlosis by Jesse Dorian

Revival by Abby Selden

Slasher Sessions by Thomas A Fowler

Stray by Jason G. Rice

The Litterbug by Jesse Womack

Tough Day by Bryan S. Nowak


Little Light by Franck Zuanic and Gareth Carr

Mister Creep by Isaac Rodriguez

Noman by Matt Robb

Skate or Die by Jason Zink 

The Horror at Holly Oaks by Chris Barcia



Blood & Water III Submitted by Roger Winstead

Mister Creep Submitted by Cynthia Bergen

Noman Submitted by Matt Robb

The Door of Sin Submitted by Daniele Zinelli

Tap Submitted by Tristan Corrigan



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