We call our festival the MAGIC OF HORROR because we feel that an awful lot of "magic" goes into making films and creating art that is designed to scare the pants off of viewers.
The Magic of Horror started in 2016 as a screenwriting competition and has grown into an annual festival event to celebrate everything that goes into creating the "magic" of the horror genre.

We have since been expanding into all types of artistry in the horror genre, including artwork, music videos, and special interest competitions.

Currently the MOH festival takes place in the fall at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. In the future we plan to expand by hosting some more live events around the USA as well.


The Magic of Horror festival is co-directed by Lowrie Fawley and Shiva Rodriguez.

They're not just horror fans... they actively work in the industry that orchestrates your nightmares!
Both Lowrie and Shiva got their start in live theatre and haunted attractions. 
Lowrie is a film/theatre producer and film/television actress who still haunts the streets of Richmond as a creepy tour character from time to time.  (She's the one that goes up on stage for our events.)
Shiva is a director, practical effects artist, and screenwriter who likes to pretend that she's not a video editor. (She's the one behind the curtain making sure that the chandelier doesn't fall!)

The Magic of Horror website, film festival, and contests are produced by their company, Rogue Chimera Films, LLC.

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