All submissions to any of the competitions for The Magic of Horror receive the scorecards and judge's notes! 

Each submission is judged by at least two members of our rotating jury pool. All submitted projects are evaluated on their own merit, so a micro-budget film has just as much chance of being nominated for an award as a film with a six-figure budget.

General award winners (Best Film, Best Screenplay, etc...) are chosen by committee from among the highest-scoring projects in their category.

Superlative film award winners ( Best Director, Best Music Score, etc...) are determined by committee with each project being further evaluated solely on its nomination aspect.

 Judges for The Magic of Horror competitions remain anonymous since many of them are active in the independent film industry.  

(We know that sounds a little shady, but we really don't want someone not getting a job just because they once judged a film by a producer who wasn't happy with the score.)

Our jury panel is a mix of industry professionals who work in film and movie lovers who have little or no experience in film-making.  This allows each  submission to be rated both on technical points and the reactions from a potential audience pool.

Because our judges are anonymous, it is possible (and has actually happened) that one has worked on a submitted film as an actor or crew person. When this happens, we simply don't allow that judge on the jury for that particular film. 

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