Bryan Nowak originally hails from Chicago. Born in 1973, the world of the paranormal drew him in while he played amongst the abandoned ruins of the once powerful WWII industrial landscape.

Stories of monsters, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night sent him scurrying for a flashlight to find where such creatures dwell when others turned tail and ran. A collection of ghost stories, found in the elementary school library, shaped his imagination. His mother also introduced him to the great horror movies of bygone eras which taught him the art of building suspense and the value of a good scare.

He attended Minnesota State University at Mankato where he studied geography. In Mankato he met and married his wife in 1996 and they have three children. They all live in Virginia.

His books, The Bagorian Chronicals, The Reverent Dead, The Dramatic Dead, Riapke, and Crimson Tassels are available in paperback and electronic versions.

Sandra Nye is our "Girl on the street" judge who has some film-making experience but not enough to where she'll spend all her time picking a film apart instead of sitting back and enjoying the overall picture.

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