Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Screenwriting Competition

We believe that every great horror movie begins with a fantastic script.

A well-crafted story isn't something that can just be jotted down on a notebook and have actors improvise their way through. Sure, there are a few retro-scripted flukes, but the most memorable films have strong stories and dialogue delivered by actors who could read over the material and get a through   understanding of their characters and situation.

The Magic of Horror Screenwriting Contest rewards great writing with the valuable tools that a screenwriter needs to both polish the work and figure out the best way to market the script.

We know how hard it is to get good, honest feedback on a professional level without paying through the nose for it. We've seen coverage services that charge an upward of $500 (or more) to read a script, write a basic synopsis, and give the writer a list of the major flaws in the work.  Coverage can be brutal, but it's an important "field test" for a new writer to run a screenplay through before submitting it to agents or producers for consideration.

The winners of each category of our screenwriting contest will receive detailed coverage service, along with grammar editing and script consultation services if needed or desired.

All entries will receive the scorecard from the first round, which rates the basic components of a screenplay and gives the writer a good indication of where strengths and weaknesses are. Submission options that include more detailed feedback throughout the judging process are also available for a higher fee.

The judges for this competition are all professionals in the industry who are  either produced screenwriters themselves or work closely with scripts (producers and directors).  Coverage service is offered by individuals who are experienced in script doctoring and/or consultation.

The competition is accepting submissions from June 17th until September 18, 2016.  See all the rules here!

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